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The USA CBD Expo comes to Chicago, introducing new products and Cannabis news

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Photo: USA CBD EXPO Instagram

The USA CBD Expo is the leading #CBD and #Hemp event in the nation and South America. Their purpose is to connect the best, most innovative products and brands to attendees.

This October weekend, they have arrived in Chicago, presented by 3 CHI, a Hemp-based CBD product manufacturer.

The Expo has landed in Chicago for three days, October 28-30, 2021, at the McCormick Place Convention Center, Hall D1 Lakeside, 2301 S Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60616.

On Thursday, industry buyers, press, and professionals came out to see what the Expo offered.

The presentation ceremony opened with Scott Frohman, founder of Odyssey Elixirs.

Frohman informed the audience on the arrival of “mushroom” being the new mainstream mixture in the industry. To be clear, these mushrooms, such as Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake, #mushrooms that are healthy and organic.

"The fruiting body is basically that the Mycelium is the one that goes down into the ground. The fruiting body is the stalk and the piece on the top extraction process. We always talk about extraction, that oh my god, and by the way, I'm not going to come up and tell you guys I'm some guru and expert in this okay, I don't have a Ph.D. on mushrooms. I'm a regular guy. I'm a businessman. I use these products. They work for me, and I'm here because, you know what, I've found significant effects. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to do that traction process, the same kind of thing as what we see in CBD.

His beverage, #OdysseyElixir, has been created to be a supportive wellness journey through a carefully crafted line of functional mushroom elixirs that are nutritious and delicious. They come in Tea, Sparkling, and Coffee.

Another presentation held, “What is Delta 8 and the Blurred lines of its Legality”, by Lawyer Joseph Smith, Thompson Hine LLP, Rick Trojan, Founder of Hemp Road Trip, and Roger Brown, President of ACS Laboratory . The trio shared information on the lab testing process to ensure Cannabis buyers could sell products appropriately to consumers.

#Delta8 has its controversy where it has recently been banned in certain states. But buyers and cannabis consumers in the industry say the substance’s benefits shouldn’t be neglected in a rush to seize products.

Brown stated, "You need to have a DEA license laboratory as of January to test hemp products. Until the USDA comes out with what the federal government entails, universal requirements across all the states, he's still going to have a huge disjointed, the legal situation and selling and manufacturing products based on state rules. I hope the federal government comes out with regulations across the board."

Even though Delta-8 products are being sold rapidly at #smokeshops and other stores where CBD is purchased, some of the largest cannabis producers now face an organized effort to restrict them. It isn’t just that the substance falls into a regulatory gray area, undercutting licensed cannabis companies on price and taxes; it also often contains higher-than-allowed levels of THC (a.k.a. Delta-9 THC). Please make sure you know what is best for your body and ask questions about consuming.

The Expo will have more presentations, business and networking opportunities, and plenty of vendors with different products, candles, lotions, vapes, edibles, chocolate, protein bars, energy drinks, #cocktails, wines, that are infused.

USA CBD Expo successfully brings together a rapidly expanding industry into one global, unrivaled trade show experience. We’re committed to producing the best show possible to advertise our exhibitors’ brands, drive traffic to their booth, and get them closer to potential customers and other businesses.

According to the USA CBD website, “We will not overlook the clear potential for our industry and, true to our mission, we will be there to keep pushing this industry forward!”

I look forward to 2022, where the convention will be in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Medellin, Colombia, and back in Chicago in November 2022. You must be 21 years of age or older to attend.

Tickets are available at

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