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The story of Redemption, London’s First Non-alcoholic Cocktail Bar

Photo: Via Redemption Instagram @redemptionbar

What are the best cocktail bars? That’s a hard one. After all, this century marked the beginning of a golden era for drink mixing — there are great cocktail bars in every major city in the world.

And although finding exciting libations is easier than ever, the best cocktail bars still stand out, some of which don’t even serve alcohol.

This is the story of London’s Redemption, the first non-alcoholic cocktail bar in the city and perhaps the world. If you’re not all that into alcohol, and even if you are, this was a must-visit;

Redemption was a cocktail bar you couldn’t miss.

And although the tremendous non-alcoholic bar closed its doors during the COVID pandemic, it left its mark in history, and chances are it won’t be long before Redemption opens its doors again. Will you be ready?

Redemption, The Story

Redemption opened its doors in 2014 with an ambitious goal, to become a place where people could enjoy themselves while taking care of their well-being and health. The founders also knew Redemption had to align with the most environmentally conscious trends, so the menu was 100% vegan.

Redemption offered sustainably sourced and organic food for five years, from crunchy samosas and hummus to juicy non-animal wings. Their BBQ pulled jackfruit was legendary, and so was their plant-based burger. If you wanted delicious but still healthy food in London, there was no place like this nutritional powerhouse. But what about the drinks?

Redemption’s Cocktails

Although the skilled mixologists at Redemption did craft a few gorgeous cocktails, including some made with infused pisco and a caipirinha with caramelized pineapples, everyone went for the mocktails. These are the five mocktail recipes that elevated Redemption to legendary status.

Cucumbertini: Fresh cucumber gives personality to this summery drink. The famous non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip is the heart of this thirst-quenching libation, sweetened by homemade lemon verbena syrup and balanced by fresh lemon juice.

Pineapple mockjito: Real pineapples, fresh mint, and lime juice become one in this zero-alcohol mojito. The Caribbean combination of flavors comes to life with a splash of ginger ale, substituting the typical soda water. This one is as pretty as it is tasty!

Black magic: Perhaps the most exotic mocktail recipe in Redemption’s repertoire. Black magic relies on activated charcoal, freshly squeezed lemon juice, sweet maple syrup, and vanilla paste to swoon your taste buds. This drink also contains a shot of Borrago #47 Paloma, a botanical non-alcoholic spirit, coconut, and aquafaba (the foamy liquid that comes in chickpea cans!)

Hibiscus sour: What makes this refreshing sour special is the Three Spirit Social Elixir, another exciting non-alcoholic gin. Aquafaba gives the mocktail the loveliest foam, while lemon juice, coconut syrup, and hibiscus tea give color and acidity to the sour for a ruby-red delight.

When rhubarb met hibiscus: this is perhaps the most notorious mocktail recipe in Redemption; this brightly colored non-alcoholic cocktail is also the simplest: VIBE Rhubarb Gin and hibiscus tonic. The best part? You can have as many of these as you want!

Redemption’s Spirit Lives On

There’s no doubt the talented team behind Redemption will surprise us any time soon with a stunning comeback, but they have already changed the world of cocktail bars and vegan restaurants. These bars and restaurants are for you if you are in London and fancy a non-alcoholic cocktail. Cheers!

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