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Tap talk with Marshelle: Top Three Beverage shops in San Diego

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San Diego is home to a lot of good stuff. There are many fantastic fish tacos, Balboa Park, and of course, various great beverage stores with lovely drinks to sate your thirst.

Choosing one of the many great beverage stores San Diego has to offer can be a bit of a chore sometimes, though. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.


BevMo prides itself on one thing ─ providing beverages at low prices. With such a claim, one might be tempted to question the quality of their products. If you are one of those people, well, put your mind at ease; these guys provide quality stuff. They also have a variety of beverages on offer, another plus. Add to that the fact that they offer one of the best prices you can find in the city, and you can easily see why they have one of the best reviews around.

Bine & Vine

While stores like BevMo pride themselves on being affordable and good quality, Bine and Vine are all about quality and that luxury feel. So if you are looking to impress, this is definitely where you want to be.

Featuring exquisite drinks from both local and international labels, you can rest assured that the glasses you get from this beverage store in San Diego will be nothing but premium quality.

Best Damn Beer Shop

Any business can call itself the best at anything. Backing such a claim, though, is a whole different thing. This San Diego beverage store does bot exceptionally well. Providing a variety of top-quality liquor of practically every type, from scotch to tequila to rum and so much more, you can tell right away that this is a liquor store that loves what it does.

Check out any of these three liquor stores in San Diego. Believe me, the experience would be worth it.

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