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Tap Talk with Marshelle Artist Profile: Lauren Spencer-Smith

Photo Via Instagram

This month’s artist profile is on independent pop singer Lauren Spencer-Smith. The 18-year-old musician is the epitome of a rising star. While she has been releasing music since May 2019, her popularity has recently grown due to the success of her new single “Fingers Crossed.”

Released on January 5, 2022, “Fingers Crossed” is a mid-tempo ballad that clocks in at just under three minutes. Spencer-Smith pours much emotion into her performance, allowing listeners to recognize her connection with the lyrics. The song tells the story of Spencer-Smith and someone she used to be in a relationship with, as explained with lyrics such as “Old love songs we used to play to/Funny now I hate you.” The name of the song comes from a lyric at the end of the chorus: “When you said you loved me/Well you must’ve had your fingers crossed.” In essence, “Fingers Crossed” accuses her ex of never truly being in love with her.

Lauren Spencer-Smith’s newfound success as an artist was kickstarted by TikTok, with 2.8 million followers. On November 22, 2021, she debuted “Fingers Crossed” on TikTok to nearly 25 million plays. In fact, “Fingers Crossed” has now been used in over 38,000 different TikTok videos. Since releasing the songs to other platforms in January, the song’s success has reached new heights. As of the end of January, it received over 57 million plays on Spotify, more than quadruple the plays of her next most-played song. It also charts the United States iTunes sales chart among significant label acts. The success of “Fingers Crossed” has landed Lauren Spencer-Smith on major Spotify playlists, such as Today’s Top Hits, Hot Hits USA, and Pop Rising.

However, “Fingers Crossed” is far from Lauren Spencer-Smith’s only song. In 2021, she released “For Granted” and “Back to Friends,” both of which have been streamed millions of times on Spotify. She first started releasing music in the form of acoustic covers in 2019. “Unplugged, Vol. 1 (Live)” and “Unplugged, Vol. 2 (Live)” were both released in September 2019 and feature live covers of some of Lauren Spencer-Smith’s favorite songs. The fact that her newer original music has outpaced these covers in popularity is a true testament to the upward trajectory.

Visit to find all the ways you can connect with Lauren Spencer-Smith. This includes following her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Go to music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music to stream “Fingers Crossed” and all other songs by Lauren Spencer-Smith. Merchandise can be purchased on her website, including hoodies, t-shirts, and crewnecks.

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