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Tap Talk with Marshelle Artist Profile: Cody Fry

Photo: Cody Fry via Instagram

Cody Fry has been releasing music on digital platforms since 2012. His first album, the eight-song “audio: cinema,” was self-released in February of that year, and he has been self-releasing music ever since. His next album, the 11-track “Keswick,” was released in January 2014. His third album, the 14-track “Flying,” was released in October 2017. In November 2019, he released an eight-song Christmas album titled “Christmas Music: The Complete Collection.” In January 2021, he recently released the 12-song “Pictures of Mountains.”

To date, his most famous song is arguable “I Hear a Symphony.” The song is the final track to appear on 2017’s “Flying” and has received over 70 million streams on Spotify. It was written entirely by Cody Fry and includes memorable lyrics such as “You took my broken melody/And now I hear a symphony.” This metaphor usage allows Cody Fry to showcase his talents as a songwriter. Fry belts out the lyrics to the song as an orchestra accompanies him. Unlike anything one would hear on pop radio today, it has the high-quality production value needed to make for a pleasurable listening experience. Just through listening to Cody Fry’s most famous song, it is undeniable that he is a talented vocalist and lyricist.

In addition to Cody Fry’s successes with his first five albums, he has also been releasing songs throughout 2021 after the release of “Pictures of Mountains.” Parade Magazine covered the new songs that quickly went viral on TikTok. There is also a cover of The Beatles’ classic “Eleanor Rigby,” released in September. To date, “Eleanor Rigby” is closing in on 20 million streams on Spotify, making it Fry’s next-most streamed song besides “I Hear a Symphony.” Far from being a traditional cover, it features orchestration done by Fry. The Recording Academy has recognized this and nominated the surface for Best Arrangement, Instruments, and Vocals at the upcoming 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

Cody Fry has since followed up his cover of “Eleanor Rigby” with two songs: “Caves” and “Underground.” In November 2021, the songs with the latter already above four million streams on Spotify. It is also currently at #15 on iTunes’ Singer-Songwriter sub-genre sales chart. Cody Fry’s career is on an upwards trajectory in popularity and critical acclaim. We can also find his music on various playlists curated by Spotify staff members.

Learn more about Cody Fry by visiting his website, While there, you will find links to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and you will also be encouraged to explore his YouTube channel.

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