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Summertime Music Review: Number One Popstar/“Dance Away The Pain”

Photo: Via Instagram @numberonepopstar

In May 2022, pop singer Number One Popstar released the song “Dance Away The Pain.” This song will surely be a summer anthem of 2022, especially for those looking to support indie artists. #NumberOnePopstar is an unsigned artist destined to reach new heights with “Dance Away The Pain,” as they create an upbeat song for summer about letting loose and forgetting about all the problems one may have when they are away from the party.

“Dance Away The Pain” begins with the lyric, “I don’t wanna feel this way anymore.” It does not sound like an uplifting lyric, but the upbeat delivery of the vocals tells listeners the song will be uplifting. Indeed, the following line is, “So I’m gonna take it out on the floor.” The “something out of nothing” mindset leads to this song; the narrator may not be in a great place right now, but they can still have fun on the dancefloor.

The lyrics state, “My depression makes me go insane/I just wanna dance away the pain.” After this, there is an electric beat drop, allowing DJs to play this song to light up the dancefloor in the club. When these four lines repeat after the dance break, it becomes clear that this catchy melody is the chorus. Perhaps the catchiest part of the song is the post-chorus, where the words “The pain” repeat in an upbeat fashion. It symbolizes letting go and emphasizes being able to dance away the pain. The song concludes with one final beat drop, making for electro-pop perfection.

Ultimately, “Dance Away The Pain” is a song with relatable lyrics that could be performed in various genres. Number One Popstar picked dance-pop, and it pays off in making “Dance Away The Pain” a contender for Song of Summer 2022.

“Dance Away The Pain” was co-written and produced by Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin) and also co-written by lead singer Kathryn Hollowell. To listen to #DanceAwayThePain and more music by Number One Popstar, visit your music streaming service of choice.

Number One Popstar is making waves on music streaming services and social media. The act has nearly 9 thousand followers on Instagram alone and over 57 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

Number One is best known for the song "I Hate Running,” which was released in January 2021 and had nearly 700 thousand streams on Spotify alone. “Dance Away The Pain” is currently Number One Popstar’s #1 song on Spotify and could surpass #IHateRunning. Either way, it is safe to say that Number One Popstar has created a hit and has great potential to continue to do so in time to come.

Visit HELLO | Number One Popstar for more information on this Popstar!

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