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Spending the Holidays Alone? Here Are Ways to Still Enjoy Yourself

Photo Credit: Sam Lion

Not everyone will be spending the holidays with others--and that’s perfectly normal. If you are going to be spending the holidays by yourself, remember that you are not alone; it is widespread for people to spend the winter holidays alone, whether it’s because you’ll be traveling for work, don’t have a strong connection with family or friends, or can’t find the time to get together.

If you are spending the holidays alone, consider the following ways to enjoy yourself still.

Treat yourself to something special.

If you feel down because you’ll be spending the holidays alone, it’s time to treat yourself to something special. This can be as simple as buying a nice box of chocolates to enjoy in the evening or as elaborate as booking a vacation during the holidays. Other ideas include:

  • Setting up a spa day.

  • Going to see the movies.

  • Get something from your favorite shop.

Take joy in resetting your holiday expectations.

It’s easy to start feeling anxious and depressed because the holidays aren’t turning out as you expected. But instead of getting bogged down in negative emotions created by unfulfilled holiday expectations, learn to take joy in resetting them. For example, instead of feeling sad that you aren’t at a bustling holiday party, enjoy creating a new tradition for yourself--such as making homemade hot chocolate and watching a good movie on the couch.

Do what you want--even if it’s not traditional.

If you are spending the holidays alone, remember: this is YOUR holiday! This means that you can do whatever you want, even if it doesn’t fit within the holiday tradition. For example, you don’t have to have a “traditional” Christmas dinner if you celebrate Christmas. Instead, you can order from your favorite takeout place or go out to a fancy restaurant. As another example, you don’t have to watch holiday movies--you can binge-watch horror films or stream your favorite romcoms instead. Anything goes!

Connect with others in non-traditional ways

If you need some connection during the holidays, remember that you can still connect with others even if it’s not in a traditional “holiday” sense. For example, you can join a book club and meet up with them every week; you can join an exercise class, online or in-person, and make connections that way. Although you won’t necessarily be engaging in holiday traditions with these new groups, you can still make a social connection to help you get through the holidays.

Create a positive atmosphere

It’s normal to feel blue when you’re alone for the holidays, especially if it’s something you didn’t plan, or you can’t be with others for severe reasons. To combat this, try to create a positive atmosphere around yourself. Play your favorite music, eat your favorite foods, do things that make you happy! If you like to decorate for the holidays, now is perfect!

Remember, being alone for the holidays doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Keep a positive attitude, and your holidays will be joyous as a result.

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