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Six steps: How to Start New In January 2022

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A new year means a new version of you. If you are ready to start fresh in January 2022, please consider the following helpful guide that will start you on your journey for a fresh beginning.

New Year, New Beginning!

What does it mean to have a new beginning? It means that you can shake off the previous year's troubles and start again in the new year. Your new year is just beginning, so make the most of it.

How to Start Fresh

Telling someone to start fresh can be a little overwhelming. The best way to start fresh is to break things down into a few helpful tips.

Forgive your failings of 2021--but don't forget them.

Starting fresh does not mean forgetting everything you've ever done or forgetting the lessons of the past year. Creating new means moving on from the things you've done in the past, whether they were mistakes you made or simply things that brought you down, such as painful memories.

If you had failings in 2021, remember: forgive them, but don't forget. Use your knowledge of whatever went wrong in 2021 to make a better 2022. Learning from your mistakes is an excellent sign of character growth and will help you year after year.

Write down a list of aspirations for 2022

Most people are familiar with this tip: write down a list of goals and aspirations for the new year. Think about things you want to change in your life and create a tangible list of aspirations based on them. These aspirations can be practical--such as saving up for a specific item, cutting out certain bad habits--or less tangible, such as making sure you fit in more relaxation time every day.

Don't try to change everything at once

When writing down aspirations for the new year, your goals will likely involve making changes. For example, a typical New Year aspires to lose weight, eat healthily, and kick bad habits.

It's OK to have these aspirations, but you should not try to change everything simultaneously. If you try to do everything at once, you will likely fail at all of your goals because you will be unable to maintain them, especially if they involve massive changes.

Instead, change your life slowly. For example: Let's say you drink 6-7 cans of soda a day, and you want to stop drinking so much soda. Instead of going completely cold Turkey, start drinking one last can per day for an entire week. The following week, drink two more miniature cans per day; the next week, drink three more miniature cans; and so on until you have reached your goal.

Give yourself some wiggle room.

Remember, no year is perfect. Do not go into the new year thinking that you will do everything perfectly and that nothing will go wrong. Keep this in mind, and you will have a much better new year! A fresh start means that you can start fresh with a clean slate--not that you'll never make mistakes.

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