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Sister Music Duo: Moira & Claire

Photo: Via Instagram @MoiraandClaire

Moira & Claire are a duo of two sisters, Moira and Claire MacMullin. While they have yet to put out an album, they have released eight singles since 2017 that have amounted to over two million streams on Spotify. If you haven’t heard of Moira & Claire yet, now is the time to start paying attention to their music.

Their debut single, “Your Voice,” was released in May 2017. To date, this song alone has more than 1.3 million streams on Spotify and was the introduction of Moira & Claire to many. Since then, they have continued to perform music primarily in the folk/pop genres. Listeners did have to wait quite some time for a follow-up single, as their second song, “Again,” was released in August 2019. However, that was followed shortly after that by “No Snow” in November 2019. The duo then went on to release “Mind Over Matter” in July 2020 and “Better Than This” in November 2020, followed by “You Look Good In Yellow” in February 2021, “South Shore” in July 2021, and “Delaney’s Dad” and May 2022.

These songs tell a straightforward story, giving listeners a glimpse into how Moira & Claire may feel as they write the songs. The songs also vary significantly in subject from one another. For example, in “Your Voice,” lyrics include “I keep wondering about you” and “Your voice keeps playing inside my head.” In 2022’s “Delaney’s Dad,” Moira & Claire sing, “Delaney’s dad is an asshole/Thinks the only opinion that matters is his own.” Throughout their careers so far, Moira & Claire have proven their versatilities with writing songs. Their range has allowed them to keep putting out music that has resonated with listeners for five years.

While Moira & Claire’s debut single remains far and away from their most-streamed on Spotify, they have gained newfound traction with their latest release, “Delaney’s Dad.” In less than three weeks, it has received over 34,000 streams and placement on the Fresh Finds Indie playlist. They are now approaching 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

To keep up with Moira & Claire, be sure to check them out on Facebook (@moiraandclaire), Instagram (@moiraandclaire), and TikTok (@moiraandclaire). They have especially gained traction on TikTok, where they regularly post videos for 72K followers. This includes fun and casual videos and live acoustic performances of their songs. Also, check out their YouTube channel, where they post their songs alongside lyric videos, live performances, and covers of other songs.

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