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Results and Resolutions.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization, Director-General, declared the COVID-19 a global pandemic. Since then, the world has been in a mysterious crisis to everyone. How did this virus start, where did it come from, what is going to happen to us?

Lives are lost worldwide, economies have come crashing down, civil wars are sparking, and mental health is reaching an alarm. Words cannot truly describe the magnitude of damage such a pandemic has brought upon us. But human beings are a vital species, and we have ever since created COVID-19 vaccines that have put the world in a better position than it was two years ago. We seem to be slowly recovering from a forgettable time of our lives.


A new year, however, is a sign of hope. A new year comes with its challenges and opportunities. New Year's day, and I bet you are just as anxious as I am to see what it has to offer. Better yet, I know that you have a couple, if not a long, list of resolutions for your 2022. Resolutions are a long-time speech tradition that we speak and manifest to ourselves. This mindset helps us think about what we want to accomplish or let go of when getting into a new year.

There's no doubt that most of our 2022 resolutions have been affected by the presence of the covid pandemic, but here are several resolutions to set you right in 2022:

Check on Your Health:

In 2021, most of us stayed indoors because of regulations protocols due to the pandemic or just for personal safety. Either way, you must assess your body health by checking your blood pressure, assessing your body weight, seek medical advice for possible medical threats you might face. These practices should be something you make a habit of right after your new year celebrations have cooled down. Good health will set you right to making the most of your year.

Set Time for Yourself:

Create as much time for yourself as you possibly can and try to reduce some of the commitments you have around you. Setting time for yourself may boost your self-esteem and help with your interaction with the outside world. Try and figure out new hobbies to keep you excited and activities that will genuinely make you proud of yourself.

Manage Stress and Check on Your Mental Health:

Most of us faced a lot of mental pressure due to the pandemic. The fear of what the disease could do or even the tragedies that it caused in our lives affected our mental health in a big way. Try to overcome these traumas in this incoming year and seek therapeutic ways to have a clear and healthy mind.

Make New Friends:

I have to admit that this is not something easy. We all have different personalities, and how we relate is very different. However, you should not stop trying because you might never know if you can come across similar and compatible personalities. I would recommend trying new social media group pages and opening your mind to meeting new people.

Check on Your Budgeting:

Coming up with a proper budget in your new year will help manage your cash well. This habit will make you more aware of how much you can save, keep track of your expenses, budget for emergencies, and so forth. Proper budgeting may help greatly overcome losses from a covid-stricken 2021. You may never know; proper budgeting may get you that dream house, delicate dress, or even a clean pair of Jordan sneakers!

Improve Your Grades:

Whether pursuing your higher education studies at a college or just pushing through high school, you should look to get better at your studies to achieve your long-term goals. A new year creates a fresh opportunity to get better at your education.

Catch Up With Family:

A new year creates a chance to mend and bond with family before exploring other relationships. Have a more personal touch with family and check on them. Do this with face-to-face dates and gatherings away from phone calls and face-timing. Also appreciate other relatives like uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

Accept Change:

A lot of change has occurred, and more is yet to come. Change is life's constant factor, and in the New Year, you should get yourself to acknowledge and understand the changes around you. More significantly, the chaos of the pandemic. Embrace changes and tackle them positively.

Create a Bucket List:

Take time to have fun in your life by creating a bucket list if you do not already have one. Explore your wanderlust and go through experiences that excite you and make you a happy person.

Start Meditating:

Mediation is creating peace of the mind that in many ways helps you be much more aware of who you are and have great control of yourself and your life. Such will help you feel and be a better human than you were the previous year.

Get a Covid Vaccine Jab:

A topic of contention. Whether you take the covid vaccine or not, consider the jab as a tool for combating the virus

New Year's resolutions can be challenging to come up with at times. It can also be effortless when you open your mind to newer times of great possibilities.

Either way, resolutions better your life when getting into a new era. Open your mind to a tremendous oncoming year. Do not worry about 2022; the world is about to heal, and I feel you are in for a beautiful year.

Happy New Year to you!

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