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Popular Travel Destinations in North America and Africa

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Globally, Africa and America are some of the most incredible travel destinations. You could dip your fit in a crystal blue beach, see magnificent wildlife, and experience diverse cultures and history. Many adventures are to share on this mesmerizing continent, home to more than fifty different nations. While stay-at-home directives are being lifted, the travel world is gradually waking up.

With the reopening of hotels, destinations are beginning to prepare for the summer vacation season, and individuals are considering traveling once more. Africa and America take many travelers from city excursions to safaris and beach getaways. The best travel destinations across these two continents are listed below that are must-visit.


For anyone searching for an excellent safari getaway, the nation of Botswana is the best destination for you. Neighbor to South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, this nation is the home to the Okavango Delta. The delta is one of the most visited wilderness destinations worldwide. It is located in the Kalahari basin. In this place, you could experience a variety of wildlife and vegetation. If you are a lover of culture and history, the countries offer you San history located in Tsodilo Hills. I am sure you have watched "God must be crazy" movies. This place would give you a better understanding of the culture and heritage of the Khoi Khoi and the San people. They have a variety of accommodations ranging from luxury lodges to budget guesthouses and camping grounds. From just $900 per individual per night, you could stay at the &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp. Information regarding visa requirements can be found on the Botswana Government website.


Kenya is perfect for family holidays, safaris, and beach holidays. An ideal time to visit is between October and March. Lamu is a beautiful destination to visit while in the country for a person searching for a wellness retreat. You could enjoy yoga retreats, fabulous beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere. You can get access to the Island through dhows ferry from Manda Island. In Malindi and Watamu, you can discover the different marine life nestled in coral reefs. You could also enjoy bird watching at Lake Nakuru. If you have a life ford wildlife, you could visit Amboseli National Park is a perfect place. While in Amboseli, you could enjoy the astonishing view of Kilimanjaro. Kenya also contains diverse cultures and heritage at Gedi Ruins in Watamu, which offers excellent insight into the Island's heritage. With some knowledge of Swahili, the official language, you can easily navigate these places. Prices for accommodation in Diani place start at $80. Prices for accommodations at Lamu begin at $150. For further inquiries on housing, see the Tourism Kenya website.

Grand Canyon

This is a must-see destination that has been attracting visitors for years. Viewing over the canyon walls to a limitless horizon and a profound depth below is one of the high points of any visit to America.

At Grand Canyon, you could experience one of the most inspirational sceneries in America. The Colorado River makes its way through the 277-mile canyon, making it a top destination for white-water rafting. Arizona Park is ideal for a hike, providing scenic paths such as the Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails. The southern rim of the Grand Canyon, which is the most visited section, can be accessed throughout the year, and visitors are encouraged to come at any time. To evade the crush of summer visitors, you could consider visiting during the spring or fall, the weather is excellent and with now overcrowding. The road to the north rim is closed during winter due to snow.


Being one of America's top beaching destinations, Waikiki offers all comfort of North America on a gorgeous tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. It is located on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, a suburb of Honolulu recognized for the beautiful golden sand beach that stretches along the oceanfront, supported by hotels and retail businesses. You could rent a surfboard, test your skills in the ocean waves, visit shops, and enjoy a great dining option in the evening. This is a perfect destination for everyone, from families to couples or singles.

New Orleans

Despite looking like a Mardi Gras party town, New Orleans is a city with a wealth of history recognized for its music and food scene, not forgetting the festivals. With string French and Spanish effects, the integration of culture is more redolent of the Caribbean than the US. Cajun and Creole cuisine and the French Quarter's architecture differentiate this city and make it an ideal destination for a long weekend getaway. Mardi Gras is the highlight of this city when detailed costumes and outrageous floats light up the streets, you can hear music everywhere, and the party seems never-ending. A must-visit location would be Bourbon street for a great selection of food, drink, and jazz, especially if you visit first.


For a person planning a romancing retreat or a wellness getaway, Seychelles would be a great destination. The country has 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, with the outer islands providing scenic beaches and a variety of wildlife. The main islands include Alphonse and Desroches. Seychelles is a must-visit for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in nature and total relaxation. You could dive and discover intact coral reefs and view an array of marine life. You could also enjoy fishing and sailing activities. Seychelles has a diverse population with rich culture. Their heritage is from Africa, Asia, and Europe. They also have brought unique traditions, languages, and cuisines. You do not require a visa to access Seychelles, but only a passport. They also need you to have return or onward tickets, proof of accommodation, and sufficient money for the time spent in the country.

At immigration, they will process your paperwork at their international Airport. The accommodation for resorts is a little expensive, ranging from $1000 to $3500.

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