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Pop culture from the 80's to 2022

From Video killed the radio star to streaming services

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What has been a decade-long trend will soon come to an end, and we'll be able to stop talking about the 1980s; in the words of #DavidBowie, "This is Major Tom to ground control, I'm walking through the door...and I'm floating most unusually." Now is the time to make room for what will rule popular culture in 2022. However, with some luck and adequate planning, you might still be able to escape unscathed.

Contrary to popular belief, 1980 was not the official start of the 1980s. On December 31, 1979, The Clash performed a New Year's Eve concert in New York City, officially kicking off the decade. The 1980s are difficult to describe, yet their beginning and end are somewhat distinct. The decade's conclusion in 1989 is generally acknowledged, while the decade's start date is disputed by many. This era officially began with the occurrence of two events.

The first is the screening of Star Wars, which took place in May 1977. As a result of the publication, new #genres of #sciencefiction and #fantasy, including #cyberpunk, #steampunk, and #postapocalypticfiction, was born. The debut of an album by a group called New Wave was the other occasion that signaled the start of this decade. This album is frequently disregarded since it is not well-known or widely accepted, yet no one can definitively say what it was.

Many people think that the band #NewOrder released it, but some suggest that it might have been #MissingPersons, #SoftCell, or even #Wham! All we know is that somewhere between 1979 and 1980 saw the debut of this "New Wave" album.

New musical genres entered the pop landscape during the 1980s, and the cyberpunk subgenre was significantly boosted. As a result, a surge in newly developed computer technology led to the development of the internet's forerunner. For overusing disco, the early 1980s are somewhat remembered. Even while disco had been a fad since the late 1970s, one could argue that it wasn't until #Ska became widely accepted in 1978 that it became mainstream. After bands like #TheSpecials, #ThePolice, and #TheClash heavily incorporated Ska, disco became repetitive and overdone.

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The 1980s are frequently regarded as the height of pop culture. TV shows and movies from that era were charming, humorous, and nostalgic. The 1990s were substantially different from the 1980s. It was a period when TV dramas and films tended to be grim and gloomy.

Numerous pop culture trends were prevalent throughout the 1980s. The video game industry and cinema are examples of these tendencies. We can see that these trends have shifted as of late. With the advent of VR and AR, the video game business has become more immersive. Additionally, movies have moved from being shown on a giant screen to streaming on sites like #Netflix and #Hulu.

New trends are one way that culture will alter in the future. Trends are distinct from cultural shifts since they are limited to a specific period, as opposed to ongoing cultural development. They can come in various shapes, including societal standards, fashion, entertainment, and technological trends.

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