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People Predict the Los Angeles Lakers its way to Winning NBA Title for 7th Time

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

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The #Lakers marveled the World by winning the NBA finals six times, and they are on their way for the 7th one. Predictions are made every year, and they don't need to be accurate. In 2021 predictions are made again in the inclination of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have 33 % chances to playoff in the NBA finals and 21 % chances of maintaining the winning the title for the 7th time. This prediction is not only made because of Lebron James's presence or the refined skills of Anthony Davis polished by playing with James. But we cannot neglect the logicality of the team.

The western conference, which consists of 15 teams, and #GoldenStateWarriors are the highlighted ones. The sad news for the Warriors is that Klay Thompson is out of the league now, and even though the phenomenon players like Stephen Curry, Green, and coach Steve Kerr are not making any plausibility for the title. But In the meanwhile, this favors the winning percentage for the Lakers.

New additions to the Lakers team

Every change is made for a purpose in the right way, just like in the Lakers. Four players are gone, and Marc Gasol, Wesley Matthews, Dennis Shrouder, and Montrezl Harrel are inducted to fill the vacant positions. General manager Rob Pelinka is doing a fantastic job to build up a combination of the new additions with the other players.

In this situation, this addition is helpful for the Lakers and inconvenient for the opponents. If you are a frequent watcher of the NBA, you better know that the Lakers' most prominent front-runner has always been the #LosAngelesClippers. And Montrezl Harrel left the clippers and joined the Lakers, which is a significant loss for them, leading the Clippers to many notable achievements. It cannot be compensated at any cost.

Lebron James and Anthony Davis:

People are already admiring James and Davis's combination and are waiting anxiously for this deadly combination to play again in the NBA finals 2021. You will be amazed to know that James leads the Lakers to get the NBA title for the first time. As per the news, James has extended the deal with the Lakers and will play till 2023 for them.

Looking back, we have seen many pairs like Geroge and Leonard, Russel and Harden, but the team of James and Davis is unmatchable. The chemistry, aggression, and skills in their gameplay are just tremendous.

Lebron James

#LebronJames was found to be a gem for the Lakers. He won everywhere he goes. The list of his achievements won by James is too big to narrate here. Three NBA championships and four rings are awarded to James. He joined the Lakers in 2018 and signed up for five years. His desire to become the biggest basketball sensation is the only thing that he is still growing up in his career.

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