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November 17th: What You Need to Know About World Peace Day

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In a world marked by never-ending strife, #November17th of every year offers a reminder that humanity does not have to live this way. With conflicts raging worldwide and multiple countries embroiled in power struggles, the importance of World Peace Day has never been higher.

What Is World Peace Day?

#WorldPeaceDay is observed on November 17th every single year. World Peace Day is a worldwide recognition of the importance of peace. The official motto for this year's Day of Peace was "End racism. Build peace." Due to this, most of that day's conversation revolved around the role racism has to play in conflict, along with how it may be possible to end that.

World Peace Day takes a far more expansive approach toward peace. Observing the day means asking a simple question to everyone in the world: do you want to see peace in the world? The answer, in nearly all cases, is a resounding yes. Therefore, on November 17th, people from all over the world try their best to imagine a world without conflict and try to figure out just how we can get there.

What to Do On World Peace Day?

As we have already discussed, World Peace Day isn't about some collective action against a specific aggressor or core issue. Instead, it asks individuals to take action and try their best to aim for peace. You must think about the world and your role in it. It's about recognizing the need for peace and realizing the part you can play.

Along with that, it's essential to raise your voice against war and conflict occurring all over the world. You have to raise awareness if that's the least you can do. Everyone on this planet is responsible for achieving peace, and World Peace Day is an important annual reminder about that. Therefore, it's a day that everyone must be earnest about – no matter where they are

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