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New York: Bond 45

Bond 45 is Is an Italian bar and kitchen in New York City, located on 46th street, among the impressive and bustling Times Square.

The restaurant has recently moved from its old location in the former historic Bond Clothing Store. It has a beautiful range of delicious vegetarian, seafood, and meat-based Italian-style dishes on offer.

The venue is a unique combination of Italian and modern styling a speakeasy atmosphere of New York City and is among the theatre district of Times Square. The platform offers the option for a quick dining experience if needed, and the servers make sure you don’t miss curtain times for shows or any later plans you may have for the day.

A quiet experience is also available for those patrons who want to sit and enjoy some of the delicious cocktails on offer in the bustling area of Bond 45.

When entering the restaurant, there is a welcoming, friendly face and an energetic personality. The part of visiting this beautifully decorated restaurant was the house cocktail, and the dining experience begins with a fruity cocktail alongside the perfect appetizer.

This cocktail is a mixture of pineapple-infused vodka with lime, agave, and passion fruit in a unique blend of flavors. Any particular drink can start a meal in Bond 45 on the right note. Everything that follows is a fantastic experience; make sure you try your dish with a cocktail or two.

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