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Music Monday: LASSAI

Lassai releases "Ya Feel me" and likes spending time casually and aggressive

Chicago Music Artist and Thespian to the Chicago Theatre scene, LASSAI (Luh-Say), is not letting up anytime soon. Pre-pandemic and currently, Lassai is still working hard and dropping music at the start of the year releasing "Ya Feel Me" a vibe that welcomes company with transparent details.

On December 11, 2020, Lassai collaborated with artist Petty Crocker and Juice Waters for a ballad "No Shade" that conveys a message of unrequited love from a past lover. They're not to be mean but people know when they're being unloving, disloyal, or doing some messed up crap behind their lover's back. We don't need that energy coming back around in our lives. Not even the materialistic lifestyle of the Ex-person can pull them back into a wack ass connection. This is an anthem for all the asshole lovers to keep it moving. #Noshade

"No shade, when I say it's a no for me, can't have me going crazy"

Lassai also gained attention for a drink campaign. Introducing AHA Sparkling Water. Which this brand comes in different flavors. This is a sparkling water brand that #bartenders may want to try in their drink creations. #DrinkAHA

Lassai produces R&B/Soul, House, and gospel sounds and no stranger to the acting industry. Stay Tuned this 2021 to see more to come.

Check out Lassai Website: Lassai ( and follow on all social media pages!

Instagram: Lassai_

Twitter: @Lassai

Soundcloud: Lassai

Spotify: Lassai

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