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Music Group: Sub-Radio

Band members Left to Right

Michael Pereira, John Fengya, Kyle Cochran, Adam Bradley, Matt Prodanovich, Barry Siford

Photo credit: Via Instagram @subradioband @tlrfoto

Anyone looking for an excellent new indie-pop band will find one in Sub-Radio. Sub-Radio bills themselves on TikTok as “your new fav indie pop band.” When someone discovers their TikTok account and listens to their music on their streaming service of choice, they will only be able to agree with that statement.

Sub-Radio has been releasing music independently for over six years now, starting with the release of their album “Same Train // Different Station” on March 11, 2016. While this album introduced Sub-Radio to their first fans, they have since switched to releasing singles. In fact, of the 32 songs Sub-Radio has released on Spotify, 22 of them do not appear on an album. These songs have combined millions of streams on Spotify alone. Leading the way is the 2018-released “Flashback,” which has picked up over 2.5 million streams. Other popular releases include “Disco” with over 1.1 million streams, “Better Than That” and “Caroline” with over 800 thousand streams each, and “Clark Kent” with over 600 thousand streams. The band also curates their playlists, including Best of Sub-Radio, Indie Pop Don’t Stop, LISTEN TO ARTISTS OF COLOR, and the collaborative Know You Better.

With all this said, most people currently discovering Sub-Radio are probably doing so through TikTok, where they have over 687 thousand followers. The band just wrapped a stint of tour dates in March 2022, where they performed in Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Columbus, Chicago, St Louis, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. While doing so, they documented their experiences on TikTok through the four-part series ‘Writing Terrible Songs About All Our Tour Dates.’ This proved to be an interactive way for Sub-Radio to connect with their fan base, with each TikTok video raking in tens of thousands of views. They frequently put together fun videos of them performing in a room that resonates on the platform. Sub-Radio has even gone viral on TikTok before, with one video getting over 11 million views. It’s far from unusual these days for songs to get big on TikTok before becoming a hit elsewhere. Sub-Radio already has the base following they need on TikTok and a healthy streaming audience.

Sub-Radio is a six-piece band featuring Adam Bradley (lead vocals), Matt Prodanovich (guitar and vocals), Michael Pereira (drums), John Fengya (guitar and keys), and Barry Siford (bass), and Kyle Cochran (guitar and keys). Visit to find out how you can join their Discord server and become a Patreon. You can also find merchandise like a sweatshirt, t-shirt, hoodie, and sticker on the website Sub-Radio.

To book them, contact Dan Boyle at

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