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Photo: Instagram @Franz_Ferdinand

The Scottish city of Glasgow is the birthplace of Franz Ferdinand, a rock group. The Austrian-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose murder served as the final justification for the outbreak of World War I, sometimes known as the Great War, is the inspiration behind the name of the Scottish group. His name is Franz Ferdinand in German.

The Karelia, Yummy Fur, 10p Invaders, and Embryo were a few independent bands that all of Franz Ferdinand's current members were a part of back in the 1990s.

Paul Thomson and Alex Kapranos collaborated on songwriting after playing together in the band Yummy Fur. Kapranos also taught Bob Hardy how to play the bass around the same period. While traveling back to Scotland from studying jazz in Germany in 2001, Kapranos met Nick McCarthy.

Tore Johansson, the band's producer, and the group traveled to Gula Studios in Malmö, Sweden, to record their debut album. The song "Take Me Out" peaked at #3 on the UK sales charts in January 2004. Early in 2004, the Franz Ferdinand album was released, and in February of that same year, it made its UK debut at number three. They started on a great career that would make them one of the world's most influential and well-known alternative rock bands.

One of those renowned bands with a condensed but full record is Franz Ferdinand, comprised of Alex Kapranos, Bob Hardy, and Paul Thomson. Their four studio albums—and the upcoming fifth, Always Ascending—are modern music standards. They include a few anthems that defined some of the newer 2000 generations.

The band draws inspiration from artists as diverse as Gang of Four, Blur, Talking Heads, Belle & Sebastian, Duran Duran, The Fall, Pulp, and Joy Division, as well as musicians from the 1960s garage rock, new wave, and post-punk genres, as well as several British bands from the 1990s.

The band's members previously belonged to other disintegrated ensembles for various reasons. When they first met in Scotland, the group's initial goal was to start a music band using Hindi and rock as the primary genres. From there, other genres, such as art-rock, were developed.

In 2003, the band's members also secured a contract from Domino Records. The music group already knew the group's demo to this label, which opted to support its publication through its record label. They earned the Philip Hall Radar Award with this EP titled "Darts of Pleasure."

A few months later, in 2004, the group released its self-titled album, which became the best-selling record worldwide in multiple different nations that same year. Along with receiving numerous national honors like the Mercury Prize and the Ivor Novello, the album also received an MTV award.

The band's members returned to their recording studios in Scotland during the year 2005, where they started to edit and compose their second album, which they called "You Could Have It So Much Better," which was published in early October 2005.

The band then performs around South America and at the Via del Mar festival as the opening act for influential and well-known bands like U2. The band started releasing a new album in 2007, hitting the market in 2008. Finally, the title of this record would be "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand."

The band embarked on a new tour to promote their new album and a few additional South American shows. Their most recent studio album, "Always Ascending," was released in 2018. It included songs like "Lois Lane," "Feel The Loves Go," and the album's title.

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