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May 21st: The Day the World Decides to Brew

Photo: Media from Wix

Every shrugged off the urge to drink some morning coffee and opted for tea instead?

Well, that firmly puts you on the side of the majority. No matter how much coffee you see being consumed in films and on Netflix, tea reigns supreme in global numbers.

The International Tea Day is a tribute to just that. Officially sanctioned by the United Nations, the International Tea Day occurs on May 21st every year. The day helps promote sustainable tea production while also shedding light on responsible consumption. Moreover, it also helps spread global awareness of the importance of tea and its role in combating poverty and hunger.

To put into perspective just how popular tea is worldwide, there’s just one number to mention: two billion. That’s the number of cups of tea drunk worldwide each day (2.16 billion, to be exact). The per capita global consumption of tea turns up at 35.2 liters, while an estimated 25,000 cups are consumed each day.

As you can see, the numbers behind tea are staggering. People worldwide consume tea as an integral part of their daily diet. Furthermore, the people who make sure that the global demand for tea is met each year deserve attention and respect. That is why tea-producing countries have been celebrating on May 21st since 2005.

The nations that came together to make this day unique are #Nepal, #SriLanka, #Malaysia, #Uganda, #Kenya, and #Indonesia.

They formally proposed International Tea Day in 2019, with the UN accepting their request on December 21st in the same year.

May 21st, 2022 will be the third International Tea Day.

If you are wondering how to celebrate International Tea Day, you need not be worried. The simple way of rejoicing on this auspicious occasion is to focus more on tea. Tea producers and teahouses worldwide hold events and seminars to educate the public on the importance and health benefits of tea – which, not surprisingly, does more than refresh you for the day.

The simplest and most appropriate way to participate in the tea-related festivities is to head to the nearest teahouse and test out the different flavors they are offering.

In short, all you have to do is drink some tea along with other enthusiasts. It’s healthy, delicious, and the best way to join in the festivities.

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