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Kansas City Looking to Win the Super Bowl for Second Time in a Row

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

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In 1961, Joe Foss, the commissioner of the American Football league, sent an invitation to the National football league to plan a playoff between the champions teams of both associations. But this idea didn't seem appealing to everyone. It took about six years to become a reality, and in 1966 first match was played between Green Bay Packers and Kansas City, in which Kansas faced defeat severely. But in this article, we will tell you that how Kansas City is going to get its reputation back by winning the consecutive Super Bowl tournament.

Kansas City in Super Bowl 2020:

Kansas City appeared for the 51st time in the National football league and won for the second time. After winning Super Bowl 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs are on their way to win the title for a 3rd time in 2021 by playing against Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jones made a promise:

Cheif player Chris Jones made a promise and said, "We are not here for 1 or 2 wins, but we are here to win again and again, and we are going to make a dynasty and we are going to win for coach Andy Reid and the Hunt family. No one can stop us. We will come back to win again."

The Chiefs will have to try to fulfill Jone's promise, as we predict the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs from last year and this year's motivation.

Chiefs showed up for super bowl 2021 even against Covid-19:

We have seen that many players backed up from practice sessions and matches due to Covid-19 and made themselves isolate in their homes. But Chiefs have some next-level motivation, and everyone showed up for the team practice for 2021. This season, the Kansas City Cheifs remained with their former team while other teams have changed their list.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Kansas City Chiefs is going to face Buccaneers in super bowl 2021 on 7th Feb. Although Buccaneers are a healthy competition, the teamwork of Chiefs is going to win. The main hype of Buccaneer is Antonio Brown. Buccaneer recently got Brown on board, and he is finally playing with Tom Brady. Antonia has signed the deal only for one year with the Buccaneers. But that's not our concern.

Bottom line:

Every year Super Bowl is celebrated as a festival and a good opportunity for America to get a break from the hustle. Unfortunately, this year will not be the same due to Covid-19, but both the teams will provide good entertainment for us. But the weight is more on the Chiefs' side due to their team unity.

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