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January 25: Everything You Need to Know about India’s National Tourism Day

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#Tourism is of utmost importance to India as a nation. With its rich culture and historic architecture, India is a popular tourist destination for people worldwide. In 2019, the total revenue generated from international tourism in #India stood at more than $30 billion.

Moreover, domestic tourism is also a necessary economic and social divider. Because of this, India focuses a lot on tourism – so much so that January 25 is celebrated as #NationalTourismDay every year.

The focus on tourism goes back several decades to 1958 when the Indian government decided to develop a separate department to focus on tourism. Since then, India has aggressively marketed itself to the world under various campaigns and opened its borders to the world. The efforts have been revamped since the decline of COVID-19, with the government launching a new 2023 initiative in its Incredible India tourism campaign called “Incredible India! Visit India Year 2023”.

Next year’s National Tourism Day also falls into the country’s lengthy 75th-anniversary celebration. The anniversary campaign, known as Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, aims to develop the strongest nationalistic feeling among Indians.

The National Tourism Day for 2023 carries the same emotion, with the festivities on the day aimed at creating a deeper appreciation for what India has to offer.

Historically, National Tourism Day has focused on showcasing the importance of the tourism industry for India. It has worked to increase attention towards the role tourism plays for the Indian economy while also offering a look into the plans to develop the industry further. It has also helped recruit people to work in the tourism industry by telling the Indian populace just how vital the work is for the country.

However, in 2023, National Tourism Day will be a little different. While it will still highlight the importance of tourism in India, especially while the country’s economy is recovering from the global pandemic, January 25 will also have another role to play in 2023: reminding the Indian people of what makes their country so unique.

The Indian people will be reminded why India has been a popular tourist destination for so long. Rather than just looking from the business side, India will look deep into what makes it such a unique country. That is the spirit with which the government has been celebrating its 75th anniversary. National Tourism Day in 2023 will allow the nation to feel proud of itself and learn how to maintain that pride.

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