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Healthy Juice Bar: Happy Moose

Media: Via Happy Moose Instagram (Founder, Ryan and Wife Jane)

The Best Juice Bar In San Francisco

San Fran is a trendy city — they’re years ahead of the rest of us. Well, their juice bar scene is also on another level. These guys are doing everything right! Although there are dozens of fantastic juice bars in San Francisco, we’d love to share our favorite: Happy Moose.

Juice bars are the new thing, and they’re fantastic. So, what makes a good juice bar? What to expect from a world-class juice bar in San Francisco or elsewhere? This is what you need to know about Happy Moose, San Francisco.

A Juice Bar Doing Everything Right

Happy Moose opened just a few years ago, but they’re often considered the best juice bar in San Francisco. Ryan fell in love with fresh fruit juice in Costa Rica. The secret? Freshly pressed juice, cold-pressed only three days after harvest! That’s what we call fresh.

The fruit ripens naturally on the trees, too, and of course, it’s completely organic and grown by small-scale farmers and not gigantic corporations. That’s not all — the bottles used are recycled, and the fruit combinations are delicious!

Pressed juice, wellness shots, and even online delivery make it easy to enjoy the all-natural juices at Happy Moose. Their best seller? The Feel Mo’ Betta combines pineapple, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper! The immune-boosting juice is as good for you as it is delightful.

This is the future of wellness bars and juice bars. The best part? Happy Moose is one of many health bars opening worldwide, and they’re all worth trying!

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