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Four Wine and Beverages to Try in February

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February is still chilly in the northern hemisphere. Although spring is around the corner, February is our last chance to enjoy winter specialties that keep us warm and comfy. Here are our previous wintry wines and drinks to enjoy this year before the warm weather kicks in.

Sweet Fortified Wine

Fortified wine is boozy and sweet; what else do you need to withstand the last winter days? Besides, there are many types of fortified wine, so there’s certainly one for you. Try #RubyPort if you want a cherry-scented delight, or get yourself a bottle of #PedroXiménezSherry (PX) for the sweetest alcoholic beverage on the planet. Enjoy in front of the fire with a blanket on your lap.

  1. Smokey Scotch Whisky

All #whiskey is fun and can keep you warm, even on the chilliest February evenings. Still, not all whiskey is created equal. This time, we’d love you to try smoky Scotch — one with delicious hints of peat and smoke that comes from roasting malt traditionally. You’ll find this specialty in Islay, a lesser-known Scottish region. Our favorite brands include #Ardbeg and #Jura.

  1. Mulled Cider

You might have enjoyed a couple of cups of mulled wine during the holidays, but #mulledcider is just as good — perhaps even better! To make this specialty look for artisan cider, not the cheap supermarket stuff. Heat it in a pot over medium flame and add your favorite spices. Aniseed, cinnamon, and cardamom are particularly compatible with the apple drink! Let’s say goodbye to the cold season with style.

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