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Fort Lauderdale, FL Ann’s Florist & Coffee Bar

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Ann’s Florist and Coffee Bar is genuinely the perfect combination of a flower shop, coffee house, and wine bar.

It has been family-owned and operated since the 1970′s; Ann’s Florist strives to create a unique floral experience. One-of-a-kind antiques and collectibles provide a fitting backdrop to the most beautiful fresh flowers worldwide.

Ann’s Florist and Coffee Bar is also the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty and aroma of fresh flowers while sipping your favorite cup of coffee, drinking a cocktail, or relaxing with a glass of wine.

When I walked up to Ann’s, many people were sitting and the patio area in the front, listening to the featured artist play music outside with his social media handler on the side. There were so many people ordering coffee and beverages or sitting on the side by themselves, with their significant other, friends, and family, when I walked in.

Inside there’s an atmosphere of purity, flowers, and on the ceiling, there are quotes about flowers (“Earth laughs in flowers...” ~ Emerson), flower meanings, and song lyrics. In the back, there’s the bar where there are detailed cocktails to choose from.

I sat at the table. The staff was very attentive (Server: Steve) as he brought me a glass of water and a menu. I looked over the menu to order a drink. I chose the La Vie En Rose cocktail, a fruity floral and fresh cocktail with vodka with flavored syrup, granite cranberry juice, and fresh strawberries topped with a beautiful flower garnish.

Ann’s also serves quick bites and mini dessert cakes, macaroons, small sandwiches, etc.

Ann’s Florist has been creating exquisite floral arrangements since the 1970s. A love for “all things growing” led Ann to the flower business. A passion for flowers, and a dedication to customer service, have helped the shop blossom into one of the most successful and sought-after flower shops in South Florida.

One-of-a-kind antiques and collectibles provide a fitting backdrop to the most beautiful fresh flowers worldwide.

A selection of floral-inspired gifts makes the shop a “feast for the eyes and food for the soul.”

I went on a Sunday when the flower shop side wasn’t open on that day, and I was sad because I wanted to buy some flowers to take back home to my mom but trust me, I’ll be having another visit here.

Also, take home some beautiful flowers to remind you of where you came from.

For more information, please visit Ann’s Florist and Coffee Bar.

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