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February 12: What You Need to Know About World Marriage Day

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The second Sunday of February each year is recognized worldwide as #WorldMarriageDay. No, that does not mean that people are supposed to get married that day, and it has no tie with Valentine's Day, which is celebrated just a couple of days later. Instead, World Marriage Day is simply a celebration of the institution of marriage.

Marriage recognizes the relationship between two people, making it a vital institution worldwide. World Marriage Day will take place on February 12 this year. With that in mind, here's a look at everything you need to know about this occasion:

Why Celebrate World Marriage Day?

World Marriage Day is an operation of the World Marriage Encounter, a Catholic program that promotes marriage worldwide and offers to counsel couples. The World Marriage Encounter has helped numerous people worldwide and observes World Marriage Day to honor the institution they consider holy.

The day traces back to 1981 when a minister in Louisiana conferred with the state's governor to announce a day called We Believe in Marriage Day. That year, February 14 was selected as the date for this nascent idea. The following year, 43 governors all around the United States showed their support for We Believe in Marriage Day.

Since then, the day has been observed between the 7th and 14th of February. Sometimes, it falls on Valentine's Day again but is celebrated differently. The change of name to World Marriage Day has made it appealing to people worldwide, and the day now has a sizable audience all around the globe.

How to Celebrate World Marriage Day?

World Marriage Day is about recognizing marriage's importance in our society. All the activities commissioned or advised for the day are simply a reminder of what marriage has meant to humanity for centuries. Moreover, it also increases respect for marriage and offers recognition of the institution's marriage.

You can observe World Marriage Day by simply acknowledging these ideas. However, there's a romantic way to go through with it. World Marriage Day offers an excellent opportunity to propose to your significant other or get married. It's all the more special if World Marriage Day falls on February 14. However, the day should be revered and observed no matter the selected date.

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