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December 3: What You Need to Know About Bartender Appreciation Day

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The first Friday of December is a special occasion: the annual Bartender Appreciation Day.

Yes, December 3 is indeed World Bartender Appreciation Day. It is celebrated every single year, and people all around the world need to know about it.

Bartending is a profession that goes back centuries. The occupations we now label as bartenders, barkeepers, or bar chefs these days have been around since the ancient Greeks. During the 15th century, they were known as innkeepers, and their duties were the same as they are today: hospitality.

So, every single year, December 3 is the day when the world shows the bartenders some love. Whether a healthy tip or a simple toast, you honor your local bartender a little more than usual on the first Friday of December.

The History of Bartender Appreciation Day

Bartending became an honorable profession during the 18th and 19th centuries. Writers, thinkers, and musicians flocked to bars to debate and share ideas. The influx of intellectuals saw an increase in hospitality standards, with bars becoming reputable based on their service and the personality of the bartenders.

The very first book on bartending was published in 1862. The profession had become quite popular in America by that time, and The Bartender’s Companion by Jerry Thomas was the first published guide for the people who practiced it.

However, bartending did not take off from there quite yet. The early 20th century brought some difficulties due to Prohibition. Although alcohol continued to be distributed all across the United States by bootleggers, the bartenders who had built up their establishments for decades found themselves out of jobs.

Although Prohibition lasted for a decade, bartending took a couple more to regain the glamour it once had. Everything changed when The Cosmopolitan was developed by bartenders Toby Cecchini and Dale Degroff. Suddenly, it became pretty chic to go out and drink at a bar. Bars became calm again, and Sailor Jerry Rum finally created Bartender Appreciation Day in 2011.

How to Celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day

Bartender Appreciation Day is all about making your bartender feel special. So, if you’re at the bar, tell them how much you appreciate their service. A solid tip can also go a long way toward making your bartender feel special on this auspicious day.

If you want to take things further and do something exceptional, a public screening of Tom Cruise’s Cocktail is bound to create quite the mood. However, make sure you ask your bartender about it beforehand. You wouldn’t want them to feel misrepresented among the Hollywood glamour.

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