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CHICAGO: TimeLine Theatre Presents Tyla Abercrumbie's RELENTLESS

Celebrate TimeLine's return to the stage with Tyla Abercrumbie's stunning new play RELENTLESS, now running at Theater Wit through February 26. This world premiere developed through TimeLine's Playwrights Collective is directed by Company Member Ron OJ Parson and features an exceptional cast including Ayanna Bria Bakari*, Demetra Dee, Travis Delgado, Rebecca Hurd*, Xavier Edward King*, and Jaye Ladymore*. Enjoy this first look at the full production and get your tickets today.

Photo by Brett Beiner Photography

Sisters Annelle (Ayanna Bria Bakari, left) and Janet (Jaye Ladymore) have differing opinions about what to do with the diaries left by their a lotmother.

Chicago, IL — Chicago playwright and TimeLine Theatre Company Member Tyla Abercrumbie weaves a mother’s past with her daughters’ present in Relentless, a centuries-spanning tale of family, legacy, and progress set in the Black Victorian age, receiving its world premiere after a nearly two-year delay. TimeLine Company Member Ron OJ Parson directs Abercrumbie’s startling new work, which was developed through the company’s Playwrights Collective and now serves as the first production in TimeLine’s 25th Anniversary season.

Photo by Brett Beiner Photography

A diary reveals more about the life of Zhuukee (Demetra Dee, left) and her Mother (Ayanna Bria Bakari)

Set in the Black Victorian era, Relentless looks at the deep personal secrets we keep to protect the ones we love most. The year is 1919. After the death of their mother, two sisters come home to Philadelphia to settle her estate. Annelle is a happy socialite desperate to return to the safe illusion of a perfect life with her husband in Boston. Janet is a single, professional nurse, determined to change history and propel Black women to a place of prominence and respect. After discovering diaries left by their late mother, they find themselves confronted with a woman they never really knew, exposing buried truths from the past that are chillingly, explosively Relentless.

Photo by Brett Beiner Photography

Black Victorians Franklin (Xavier Edward King, from left), Janet (Jaye Ladymore), Marcus (Travis Delgado), and Annelle (Ayanna Bria Bakari) discuss the state of their world in 1919—racial inequality, a pandemic, and more.

"Let her finish her thoughts".......Franklin (Xavier Edward King) states in one scene as Janet pauses from (Jaye Ladymore) reading aloud her mother's diary. Have you ever where you came from? How your parents became who they are and your family history. We all at one point search for answers or they stumble on us as we go through life. Relentless shows how even in past history our ancestors went through alot in their life in which we learn and sometimes it's not always pretty even as we try to survive societal racism. Make sure you bring some tissues as you watch this funny but also tear-jerker play.

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