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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Every social has that one friend you may not see the struggle in any possible way. They smile in stride but behind the scenes, they fall apart too.

Strong Friend = Independent, takes on every situation with grace and never ask anyone for handouts.

Friendships can be an essential element of our mental health. When you need someone to talk to, who do you call? Can you trust them with your thoughts? Many of us have friends, therapists, a role model we admire but who do these #strongfriends talk to when they are down in life?

We need to talk to our friends and we want to listen to when our friends want to talk to us. Our friends can keep us grounded and can help us get things in perspective. It is worth putting effort into maintaining our friendships and making new friends. Friends form one of the foundations of our ability to cope with the problems that life throws at us.

I’m the listener and I give honest feedback to all my friendships. That’s why it’s very hard to be in this position.

Most strong friends just want someone to listen and genuinely care about their well being.

What can you do to help?

  1. Establish the Foundation of the Friendship (Experiences together, memories, forgiving times etc.)

  2. Lunch?, Let's talk about it?

  3. Call or Text

  4. Send a gift or something motivating #Amazon, #UberEats

  5. Tell them how much you sincerely appreciate them

Jerell Anthoni, Ceo of MediaLeeks: "A lot of of times I have to place myself on a personal charging block. I might take myself away for maybe two or three days if I can, if I have that luxury. If not, I buckle down but I do my best to recharge. I can call one of my friends (Lauren) to get me back on track when needed. Just allowing me to talk and be within self and we can vibe out is refreshing and pretty good."

"He also adds, Friends, know what to say and what to do when they know energy isn’t right. Anything from taking a walk to maybe playing the game. Good friends know what to do to get you out of a funk."

On the Opposite end, Matthew Oliver likes the comfort of his own company when he is in need of self-care.

"I try to get it together and move on. I like to do things on my own, I don't necessarily need a group or a friend to accompany me. I like to get something to eat by myself, go to the Lake by myself chill by the Buckingham fountain. For travel I take different transportation's out of state to go visit my pops, I typically do a lot of things about myself."

Teezo Touchdown makes a song dedicated to people who have strong friends or is the "strong friend"

You goin' through hell, but we cannot tell

'Cause you never tell, keep it to yourself

Put it on the shelf

Do you understand, that if I ever lose you then...

I have nobody else

#TeezoTouchdown plays a melodic song in front of an abandoned garage with his musician friend and sings into a bouquet of flowers microphone as he sings with a staple message to his friend "Even though we don't talk every day or I may not know what's going on with you personally, I'm here and I care".

Teezo Touchdown is a creative, music artist hailing from Beaumont, Texas. Also, watch his other visuals, It Depends, 100 drums, Be Careful, and viral track "Sucka" & "Bad Enough"

It’s important to know it’s all interconnected you know you got a really watch where your energy goes being the strong one. People are going to look to you for support more than others but be mindful that "strong friends" are human too.

Send this to someone you really call your FRIEND

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