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Brooklyn Based Independent Rapper "Krooklyn" set to make music debut with her EP Long Story Short

Photo Credit: No Days Off Entertainment

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, home to some of the most respected rap legends of the 20th and 21st century, KROOKLYN is a rapper, recording artist, and imminent songwriter that has already contributed to some of the latest hits from the East coast. Her music flair stems from her love and passion for poetry and creative expression.

Distinguished in that her music sparks off as candid, unique, and relatable for her fans, KROOKLYN is a fresh version of some of the hardest female rap divas like Lauryn Hill, who have embraced the Hip Hop scene. Her adept gift of delivering a sound that mixes drill and jazz rap genres gives her dominance in Brooklyn's new school rap sound. With her E.P. debut release slated for 29th January 2022, the sensational rapper has been noted making rounds on her social media pages, including Instagram & TikTok, as she introduces her sick flow to this lucrative music industry.

About KROOKLYN's E.P. "Long Story Short"

The three-track E.P. serves as an introduction to KROOKLYN's new chapter in her musical journey. Five years ago, the female diva stepped into the studio with only one track (S.I.Y.L.), the first-ever song that she recorded as an artist. Later this week, this hard-hitting single joins together with two other tracks, Mas Vida & Beastmode, to mark the beginning of an era for the talented rapper from Brooklyn.

Check out her E.P. as it dropped on 29th January to all music streaming platforms and follow her on Instagram (@krooklyn) & TikTik (@krooklyn99).

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