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Artist Profile: Spencer Crandall

Photo: Spencer Crandall Instagram

Once dominated solely by major label artists, it is now easier than ever to find independent artists on iTunes. Their music may not always be front and center on iTunes’ home page, but one can find some songs by independent artists on iTunes’ signature song and album charts. It includes “Made” by #SpencerCrandall, released on September 17, 2021. After researching the country artist, it becomes clear that he will have a storied music career in his destiny.

For any musician, it is vital to have an upward trajectory when it comes to the popularity of one’s music. Spencer Crandall has been releasing music since 2015, yet his two most-streamed songs on Spotify were published in 2019 and 2020. What’s more, “Made” has already cracked over one million streams, and based on its current iTunes chart placement, it is likely to receive even more. Spencer Crandall has over 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has been added to two of their playlists: new country music-oriented “New Boots” and tempo-oriented “Take It Slow.” “New Boots” features some of the biggest stars in country music today.

“Made” is not the first sign of success for Spencer Crandall in 2021. Back in May, he released “My Person – Wedding Version.” The simple fact that he saw the opportunity to release this alternate version is a true testament to the success of “My Person,” released in 2019 and accumulating over 27 million streams on Spotify. It’s the type of song that indeed would be a fitting choice to play at a wedding, making it a piece that can stand the test of time. Out of all the 21 songs released on his 2020 album Wilderness, “My Person” appears to be the one that resonated with listeners.

This is not to take away from the initial success of “Made.” With universal rave reviews on iTunes, it would be unsurprising if “Made” remains one of the top-selling songs on iTunes through the rest of 2021. Furthermore, given “Made” is not the first success for Spencer Crandall, he will likely see more chart success in the future.

The primary question now is if Spencer Crandall will be an independent artist for much longer. Indeed there are record labels out there paying attention to his impressive upwards career trajectory. However, not every musician even wants to be signed to a record label, and Spencer Crandall could very well be among them. If he wishes to remain independent and he hasn’t rejected any record labels yet, he certainly will in the future. With tens of millions of streams and an established fanbase, Spencer Crandall has a bright future in music.

Anyone interested in learning more about Spencer Crandall is encouraged to check out his website,, which links to his Spotify page and social media accounts.

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