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"Celebrating 25M and 2021 the way these three celebrate a normal weeknight! Happy new year!… "@lilyjcollins

As the rest of the World ushered in celebrations into the new year (2022), Actress Lily Collins (32) celebrated her latest achievement of becoming one of Hollywood's most famous actresses, with now 25 million followers on Instagram.

The daughter of music legend Phil Collins (70) took the World by storm since Emily in Paris was released in 2020. Shortly after releasing its second season on Netflix, Lily Collins can now look forward to another success: She currently has 25 million followers on Instagram.

On the occasion of the milestone, the actress shared a few snapshots with her co-stars Ashley Park (plays in the TV series Mindy) and Camille Razat (plays Camille) on Instagram with a caption; "I celebrate the 25 million and 2021 the way these three celebrate a normal weeknight! Happy New Year." Lily called the photo gallery. In "Emily in Paris," it is not typical that the three women pop the corks even during the week.

In her story, the 32-year-old also posted a short video in which she cheerfully blows into a toad decorated with golden asterisks. She raved about it: "New Year's Eve and 25 million? That's a reason to celebrate!" One other apparent reason for the celebration is the immense success of Emily in Paris - since the release of the second season. The series has remained in the top 10 on Netflix in the US and around the World.

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