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As all of you know, music stirs emotions, brings back memories, sets the soundtrack to your day, and activates more parts of the mind than any other human stimulus. Among other benefits, which you can read in this article about the effects of music on our body according to science, it strengthens memory and learning, stimulates concentration and memory, it can improve mood or reduce stress levels.

All you need is love, as the Beatles famously sang. For these and other reasons, we have chosen the seven best romantic and self-love songs for your playlist.

1. The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

The Beatles and all of their positive energy are timeless. Almost the whole discography of the Liverpool band consists of straightforward, thoughtful songs with impeccable diction, a neutral accent, a vast vocabulary, and, most importantly, catchy, engaging lyrics with valuable content and messages.

2. Elton John – Your Song

A letter that conveys your wish to spend your life with your loved one, even though you can only provide yourself and your affection. A Bernie Taupin collaboration was involved. A standout song by Sir Elton John. Put it to use straight away and devote it!

3. Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (For once)

This is an overcoming anthem for our bilingual readers, 'De una Vez is a declaration that self-love comes first, and self-forgiveness and awareness. An upbeat Latin ballad celebrates single life because you are worth it, and Selena lets you know with her mellow vocals in Spanish.

4. The Bangles - Eternal Flame

The Californian band expresses themselves clearly and loudly in this beautiful, passionate, and timeless love message that we are sure you may know; no matter how old or young you are, we know you've heard it at least once.

5. Con Te Partiro - Sarah Brightman

The world's best-selling Soprano earned one of her Guinness Records for this song. This Italian classical crossover never gets old in terms of sentiment and passionate romance. There's also an English adaption called 'Time to say goodbye,' but trust us, it hit differently in Italian.

6. Bon Jovi - Always

The band opted not to lend the song to the producers because the film Romeo Is Bleeding, for which the music was initially created, needed to be better received. Before a friend discovered the song and persuaded him to include it on the band's compilation album, Cross Road, Bon Jovi put the song on his shelf and promptly forgot about it. It quickly rose to the top of the singer's best-selling single list, selling more than three million copies globally.

7. Miley Cyrus - Flowers

Although empowering, Miley Cyrus' new hit single 'Flowers,' is still tender and works as a reminder that you can always pamper yourself in the best way possible. To love others, you must love yourself first, and nobody will love you better than you; she wants us to keep this in mind; whether you fancy her or not, she still enjoys all to keep this small but meaningful detail in their minds.

We hope you fall in love with this playlist of 7 romantic and self-love songs, don't forget about your loved ones, and especially keep yourself in mind; because you matter, you are essential and valued. Dedicate any of these tracks or this whole playlist to all your darlings; sing and dance along to this lovely selection we made for you.

See you next time!

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