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6 Fun Spring Fashion Tips

Photo Credit: Media from Wix

Spring is in the air! And the coming of a new season means the appearance of the latest fashion trends and styles. If you are ready to rework your wardrobe for spring, consider the following fun spring fashion tips that will have you prepared for warmer breezes, blooming blossoms, and more.

Tip #1: Combine pastels with darker colors for a unique look

Pastels are popular just about every year when it comes to spring fashion. But if you’re a bit tired of wearing only pastels in your spring fashion wardrobe, try something new and exciting: combine your traditional spring pastels with darker colors for a more unique and elegant look. For instance, pair a chic pastel top with darker pants, or pair your fun pastel dress with a dark hat or darker accessories.

Tip #2: Add small accessories to elevate your style

When it comes to spring, you don’t want to miss out on small accessories such as earrings, smaller necklaces, and small pieces such as thin belts or dainty scarves. These small accessories can turn an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary! Since it’s spring, you can look for supplements with soft colors, florals, and pastels; but you can also combine these first two tips and look for darker accessories for a bit more elegance in your spring style.

Tip #3: Bring in bold brights

Pastels are delicate for spring, but your colors don’t have to be limited to soft pastels during this season. Instead, you can choose bold, bright colors, such as neon greens and oranges, brave, intense yellows, or any bold brights that catch your eye. Bold, bright colors work well with many different styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

Tip #4: Go big with your bag

Bags are a must for any spring fashion look, but if you want to be bold, make sure you opt for trendy big bags! If you want to go bolder, choose bags made with bright colors or patterns. More oversized bags are perfect statement pieces that will help your fashion style in the spring stand out.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid of florals

Florals are not groundbreaking for spring, but does that mean you have to ignore them entirely? Of course not! There’s a reason why florals are considered cliche in the spring--it’s the season of flowers! If you’re worried your floral outfit is a bit too bland or cliche, try pairing it with something bolder or keeping the floral aesthetic to your accessories (such as a purse or necklace) instead of the main pieces of your outfit.

Tip #6: Combine daring trends with classic style

To refresh your spring wardrobe, consider pairing daring trends with more classic, muted styles. For instance, combine a bold print with soft solid pastel colors, allowing you to make a statement without bringing your entire outfit over the top.

Try out the above six tips today if you’re ready to take on spring fashion!

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