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4 Love-Themed Cocktails to Try Out This Season

Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

With the month of love, here again, chances are, you are looking to spice things up with your significant other. Well, if you two are liquor lovers, then I might just have the right thing for you!

4 Love-Themed Cocktails You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

1. Love Portion Vodka Cocktail

Whatever your stance on the existence of magic might be, trust me when I say this cocktail is truly magical. Or don’t trust me. Try it out and see if I’m wrong. Just one taste of this drink and you would well and truly be under its spell. Get your significant other this cocktail on your next date, and you just might have created a love triangle ─ you, your significant other, and this cocktail.

2. Blushing Rose

If there was ever a sexy cocktail, it’s definitely going to be this. With a tantalizing appearance, an alluring smell, and a taste that’s nothing short of heavenly, here’s one drink that can single-handedly launch your valentine’s experience from great to extraordinary.

3. Kentucky Kiss

Now here’s one drink that just hits different every single time. And why wouldn’t it? Combining the natural sweetness of fresh strawberries with the unique taste of bourbon, this cocktail leaves a truly intricate taste that leaves the taste buds still mesmerized minutes after the drink.

4. Blackberry Punch

Planning to surprise your date this Valentine’s? Then here’s one cocktail that would truly make an impression. Bold, beautiful, and absolutely glorious on the taste buds, here’s a cocktail to die for. Add to that the cocktail’s rich, dark color that adds a sense of elegance and luxury to it, and you have a cocktail that’s sure to raise the status of any dinner.

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