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4 Daily Ways to De-Stress Your Life

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Life can be incredibly stressful at times. Work, relationships, and home responsibilities can pile up over the weeks or months and make relaxation and stress relief challenging to obtain. Thankfully, there are ways to de-stress your life, and best of all, many of them are simple tasks that you can do every day. The following are four daily ways that you can de-stress your life.

Take a hot bath or shower before bed.

If you’re not already in the habit of taking a shower or a bath before bed, now is a great time to start! Not only will bathing get you clean, but it’s also actually a great way to relax and de-stress.

Ideally, a hot bath is better in terms of stress relief, but even taking the time to get a hot shower will do wonders for your stress levels.

If you opt for a bath, consider using bath supplements like bath bombs, oils, etc., and grab a favorite book to double-up on the relaxation points!

Carve out 45 minutes a day for a favorite activity

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the personal responsibilities in our lives. It’s even easier to suddenly find that you don’t have time to engage in hobbies or other favorite activities.

And when you don’t have time to do anything you enjoy, it starts to increase your stress levels to unworkable points.

Carve our about 45 minutes each day for a favorite activity to combat this. This can be anything you enjoy--such as painting, writing, reading, dancing, talking with a friend, or anything else which helps you de-stress.

Take a walk

Taking a walk is an excellent relaxation technique that won’t cost you a dime! Put on a pair of walking shoes, head outside, and walk around for a while.

Thirty minutes a day is considered a “must,” both for your physical health and mental well-being. If you can, take a walk in a scenic area such as a park; but if you don’t have any scenic routes nearby, a walk around the neighborhood can is still an excellent stress relief technique.

You can even put on some headphones and listen to your favorite music or podcast to boost the de-stress effects of a walk!

Keep a writing journal.

Keeping a journal is something that many people did in their childhood and then stopped doing once the pressures and expectations of adult life took hold.

However, keeping a journal is an effective stress relief technique for many reasons. It allows us to focus our thoughts and regroup; it helps us organize our daily problems and experiences, and it gives us time to unwind and calm down.

If you aren’t already keeping a journal, start now! A digital diary is another option if you don’t feel like writing it down by hand.

Remember, you don’t have to incorporate every single de-stress technique into your life all at once--try adding one or two into your day to see how they work for you!

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